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What makes Sea Star the best company for Cargo Hold Cleaning?


What makes Sea Star the best company for Cargo Hold Cleaning?

We’ve completed over 700+ projects

What makes Sea Star the best company for Cargo Hold Cleaning?

We maintain the highest quality and standards 

About Us

Sea Star Ships Maintenance is a leader in both offshore and onshore cargo hold cleaning, tank cleaning, and are parading marks in other such marine activities
Sea Star is an ISO – 9001:2008 Certified Company

Sea Star is a company that gives a turnkey solution and support to vessel owners, ship managers and agents. Sea Star Ships Maintenance has been working since 2012, and during this time we have grown and achieved considerable success

Sea Star is currently the market leader in Cargo Hold Cleaning being the only company in the region to finish hold cleaning within a record time of under 24 hours. We ensure that our cleaning meets Grain Clean or Hospital Clean standards. We also provide other services such as HME residual waste disposal

We have completed over 700+ projects. Our other in-house services include Tank Cleaning and Blasting/Painting. We also provide other professional services to name a few are Machine Rentals, Disposals and Scaffolding

The company operates around 2 Key Performance Indicators:-

1- Vessel holds should all be cleaned under 24 hours

2- The cleaning should be of the highest quality and standards

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Cargo Hold Cleaning

Sea Star is recognized for having an efficient team that handles cargo hold cleaning operations ensuring cleaning is completed within 24 hours regardless of previous or next cargo, in Middle East

Steel fabrication

Steel Repairs are an essential aspect of ship maintenance. We have significant clients that are really satisfied with the services we give. We offer steel repair services for any vessel

Tank Cleaning & Blasting/Painting

Sea Star’s parent company, Tiger Marine Services (TMS) is the market leaders since 1999 for Tank Cleaning and Blasting/Painting services. Our certified workforce is recognized in the region as being the most efficient and skilled , holding the record for finishing projects in the quickest time span

Machine rentals

Sea Star now proudly offers Machine Rentals that includes Cherry Pickers, Mobile Cranes, Generators, Compressors, Forklifts, High-pressure washing machines, Pumps and much more. Our qualified and certified Technicians and Machine operators are also available

Meet Our Team!

Let’s have a look at some of our key members from various departments.


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